Contract sign on honey testing & quality.

Al Joudah Food Tech Laboratory LLC Accredited Laboratory as per latest accreditation ISO 17025/2017, National Natural Honey Company LLC sign contract on honey testing & quality.

MUSCAT: On 10th December, 2019 National Natural Honey Company LLC and Al Joudah Food Tech Laboratory Company LLC have signed an agreement on to carry out an overall quality analysis of the honey used by the National Natural Honey Company in its products.

Al Joudah Foodtech Laboratory, is the first of its kind in the Sultanate and is the most comprehensive and trusted food-testing lab in Oman that is capable of carrying out chemical and microbiological testing of food products, beverages, drinks, water including the following advanced food testing requirements, Halal testing, pesticides analysis, nutritional testing, food additives testing, PAH/Toxins/dioxins/antibiotics and GMO testing.

As part of the agreement with National Natural Honey Company, the lab will conduct a thorough analysis of the honey samples, including analysing pollen grains in honey which will help determine the origin plant of honey.

Commenting on this agreement, Mohammed bin Tariq Al Shanfari, CEO of the National Natural Honey Company, said: “This move is to ensure that we only provide high-quality honey to our consumers and is an important part of our objective to meet customer satisfaction. We are consistently striving to ensure that our products are high-quality and therefore they are subjected to constant laboratory testing so that they are in conformity with international specifications.

“Through this agreement, both companies will strive to maintain the high standards of Omani honey and provide only the best quality to the consumers.”

The National Natural Honey Company is the first Omani company specialised in producing and marketing honey products with international specifications and standards and has achieved several local and international achievements, the most important of which is its third place global rank for honey quality in 2017 in Turkey, the second global rank in honey quality in Canada in 2019 from APIMONDIA, (International Federation of Beekeepers) in addition to the first local rank by the Economic Vision Awards for the year 2019.

Al Joudah Foodtech Laboratory’s state-of-the-art Lab Information Management System (LIMS) ensures accurate test results and full sample traceability and is ably supported by highly skilled and experienced food technologists and analysts, who will conduct both chemical and physical tests to analyse everything from the proportion of pollen in honey to identifying the source (flowers) from which the honey has been produced. They will carry out all necessary tests needed to ensure that the honey conforms to international standards of quality. In a unique first for the Sultanate, the laboratory will also perform sensory analyses of taste and odour, in cooperation with experts and specialists in the field of honey testing.

Al Joudah Foodtech Laboratory welcomes all consumers to visit the laboratory and learn about the methods of analysis and see the results on the products produced by the National Natural Honey Company.

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